Data recovery

Data Recovery Services in Durham, NC

At Computer Services of Carolina, we offer professional data recovery services in Durham, NC. We can help you recover your lost data such as documents, pictures, music, email, tax forms and more, from any of the following kinds of situations:

  • Your hard drive crashed?Network Hardware Illustration, Data Recovery Services, Durham, NC
  • Did you delete your files by mistake?
  • Did you perform an OS re-install on your system without backing up your data?
  • Your computer fails to reboot properly?
  • Can you not to log in to your computer (we also fix password lock-out issues)?

… if you have any of these situations or many more that you could think of, we can help you recover your data!

Data recovery services continue to be more important than ever, in today’s business environment. There are many professionals and business owners who have built their business through tough economic times, only to meet a huge challenge, when computer systems crash. C-S-C data recovery service plays a valuable part in today’s computerized business world.

What type of hard drive is data recovery service available?

  • Data recovery services can range from a number of easy fixes to more difficult processes, password restoration, undelete files, repair corrupt data are quicker tasks to perform.
  • Taking drives apart in a clean-room environment can become necessary to recapture data, but there are all kinds of different scenarios, which demand a variety of solutions.

What if there isn’t a recovery expert or computer company in my area?

  • We should point out that this valuable service is rarely performed at a customer’s location and sometimes an overnight shipping situation may occur.
  • You don’t need to send your data too far away from home since there are experts scattered all around the country.
  • Our company covers the Carolina’s, with offices located in the Research Triangle Park.


If your computer crashes or you are having the “blue screen of death”, do NOT attempt to reboot your computer. Attempting to reboot your computer or trying to access your hard drive can minimize your chances of retrieving data from your hard drive.

Instead, just shut down your system and give us a call. We will be more than glad to help.